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Lync Documentation Script

I don’t like documentation, but it is a necessary evil.  It is important to document a Lync configuration for easy access to key information as well as tracking changes over time.  However since I do not enjoy it, nor do I know anyone who does, I have started scripting documentation where possible.

Below is my current script for documenting a Lync 2010/2013 environment.  Although it will run with Lync 2010, PowerShell 3.0 or later is required which is not installed by default on Lync 2010 servers.  It is still a work in progress, use at your own risk etc. etc.




Updating AD Telephone Numbers based on LineURI

I had a situation come up the other day during a Lync Voice installation.  The users LineURI in Lync was correct, but the Telephone number field in AD had been poorly maintained in both inconsistent formats and incorrect numbers.  I ended up writing a couple lines of PowerShell that they could use to update the Telephone field based on the LineURI, that they could then either run at intervals or put into a scheduled task.

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Adding new SIP domains to Lync

I had this question come up today, and figured I would share.  What is involved in adding a new SIP domain to an already existing Lync deployment.

Its recommended for a users SIP address to be the same as their Primary STMP address, so in most cases you can gather all the current email domains to plan and deploy the appropriate SIP domains initially.  Of course cases do come up where a new SIP domain has to be added, change in company name, acquisition, or other issues.

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